dinCloud delivers a platform for your business to host SQL databases in the cloud, either as a primary site or as backup in a BC/DR scenario. If you’re not taking advantage of the latest Microsoft SQL, there are many reasons to move to a modern data platform. Most importantly – without the business intelligence and analytics afforded by a high-performance SQL Server solution – you won’t be able to keep up with the competition.

For those looking to get a leg up with advanced analytics, dinCloud can help facilitate the process of adopting a cloud hosted SQL Server solution. In addition to its high performance cloud infrastructure – dinCloud can help migrate databases from an aging SQL platform – like the soon-to-expire SQL Server 2005 – and following that, can deliver managed services to help maintain your database in the cloud.

If you’re wondering if this solution is right for your business, read about three common use cases for Hosted SQL.

dinCloud SQL Hosting: Use Cases

We all want more insight into our data. To meet this objective, consider moving your SQL Server databases to the cloud. By migrating, you can take advantage of flexible delivery models as well as performance and security gains. To see if a hosted SQL Server solution is a good fit for your business, we’ve outlined 4 common use cases and scenarios. Keep reading or contact us to see which set-up is the best fit for you.

Database Replication & Backup

dinCloud integrates with Veeam Backup and Replication® – widely considered to be the #1 VM backup solution – with our own dinStorage D3 – for an, enterprise-grade BC/DR solution. At 15 cents per GB and no transfer fees, replicating your databases doesn’t have to break the bank. Learn more about Database Replication and Backup.

High Availability

dinCloud’s hosted SQL Server infrastructure meets the High Availability (HA) requirements of mission critical databases. With Active-Active load balancing, automatic failover, and Always on Availability Groups, a dinCloud-hosted HA solution offers peace of mind that your critical data and applications will not be subject to downtime. Learn more about High Availability.

Hybrid Cloud SQL Server

A hybrid cloud SQL solution allows you to maintain an on-premise solution while taking advantage of the flexibility, elasticity, and BC/DR functionality offered by the cloud. With a backup in our cloud infrastructure, you can rest assured that your critical workloads will not be compromised in the wake of a disruptive event. Learn more about a hybrid Cloud SQL Server.

Hosted SQL Servers

You also have the option to move to a purely cloud-hosted solution. Maximize the benefits of the cloud by moving your entire database engine to dinCloud’s infrastructure. Learn more about Hosted SQL Servers.

A Turnkey SQL Hosting Solution

Companies that partner with dinCloud get support services and full management level access to their infrastructure via dinManage, our cloud provisioning platform. To provide you with a seamless transition the cloud, we offer managed services that you can take advantage of throughout the lifecycle of your hosted SQL Server solution.

Benefits of Hosted SQL

By hosting SQL 2012 or hosting SQL 2014, you can enjoy the following benefits from dinCloud’s services:


The scalability that comes from cloud hosted dinSQL databases cannot be matched by any physical or dedicated machine. Customers don’t want a large shipment of database servers for their temporary needs. Cloud-based dinSQL databases are designed for situations like these.

Outsourcing Maintenance

Technology continues to progress at a rapid pace, and management’s spending on IT and staff can’t seem to scale up accordingly. If you’re already overloaded with network administration, moving or migrating parts of your infrastructure to the cloud with dinCloud can offload the maintenance.

High Availability

There’s nothing more excruciating than dealing with a critical database going down during peak traffic hours. dinCloud based dinSQL databases give you the solution with its high availability (HA) technology and distributed resources.

Pay per Usage

dinCloud offers pay per usage databases as a service, allowing you to only pay for the databases you consume, and not for a hosting account you hardly use.


dinCloud prioritizes security. It’s the foundation of every virtual dinCloud environment, including the dinCloud SQL servers. Security measures include:

What’s Included

Host your SQL Database with dinCloud. Once your server is configured, you can take advantage of some of the benefits of hosting in the cloud, including higher productivity, lower costs, and better control of your database.

With dinSQL, you can

We don’t offer just a bunch of infrastructures in the cloud- we help you get onto the cloud. This is an important differentiator we offer. We will hand hold you through planning, migration, and on-going support should you require it.

What’s Included

  • Support Team
  • Backup capabilities
  • Snapshot a day, stored up to 10 days (offering 2-4 ONLY)

What’s Included

  • Includes firewall-protection, secure access
  • VPN access (included in the firewall)
  • Public IPs (optional cost)
  • Full administrative access
  • SSL certificate (extra cost)
  • Encryption at rest

Secure Your Data:

  • Includes firewall-protection, secure access
  • VPN access (included in the firewall)
  • Public IPs (optional cost)
  • Full administrative access
  • SSL certificate (extra cost)
  • Encryption at rest

Have Control of your Data with dinManage:

  • Dynamically increase or decrease resources
  • Add CPU/memory/disk
  • Console access
  • Ability to Reboot (via dinManage)
  • Ability to Console into your VMs (via dinManage)
  • Ability to shut machines on/off (via dinManage)
  • Full root administrator access
  • VPN connection required
  • Private IP is included (unlimited # of private Ips)
  • DNS domain management (extra cost)
  • VPN access (included in the firewall)
  • Public Ips (optional cost)

Why Hosted SQL from dinCloud

Running your database on-premise is a nightmare – we all know that. Resource constraints, spikes in demand, etc. So now that you are looking to host SQL in the cloud, why dinCloud?

Microsoft Partnership

As a managed partner within the Microsoft Hosted group, we have access to business and technical resources to ensure SQL is hosted efficiently. Our direct access to Microsoft means you get top tier service.

You Matter

dinCloud values each and every client. We don’t treat clients like numbers, or support them based on their revenue commitments. You’ll get responsive support and white-glove treatment, better than any other cloud service provider.


As our logo indicates, and as the core of our philosophy – we’ve architected our entire physical and virtual infrastructure with the utmost attention to security. Read more about our security here.

Cloud Design

Born in the cloud? Yes, dinCloud has been built for cloud from day 1. We are not constrained by legacy hardware, old rack space, or massive build-outs from prior business models. This is the private virtual data center you are looking for.
Click here to view provisioning options on dinManage. SQL Server licenses are available as a server add-on option.
Wondering which edition you’ll need? See our comparison of SQL Server Standard versus Enterprise.
You also have the option to “BYOL” – “Bring Your Own License”. If you already have SQL Server licenses in use, we provide support for license mobility through Software Assurance.
Currently supported: SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, legacy and migration support for SQL Server 2005; Standard and Enterprise editions.