To help you adopt hosted virtual desktops, we’ve created two Windows experiences: Windows 10 and Windows 8. Our dinWorkspace bundles are pre-configured so they can accommodate common workloads.

You can roll out dinWorkspace, which is a dedicated environment for each user (persistent desktops) or you may have users that want a shared session (non-persistent) (these can link to dinRDS)

dinWorkspace Packages

What’s Included

Each dinWorkspace is a personalized workspace for an individual user. This provides a persistent Windows desktop experience and personalized settings, applications, and documents and files.

Windows desktop experience is powered by the same architecture as Windows 7 with enhanced capabilities for upgrading Memory and CPU processing power.

All dinWorkspaces run in a hosted private cloud that is isolated for the customer through security layers and software defined networking.

Each dinWorkspace Environment is Set up With:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Microsoft Active Directory Server (extra fee applies)
  • Connection broker (supports HTML5, Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows)

Networking components

  • Dedicated firewall + public IP (minimum 1, extra fee applies)
  • Internet, Security, P2P VPN tunnel to your existing site

Hosted Workspace

  • Technical Support
  • dinWorkspace Setup Professional services include: VPN setup support, Active-Directory setup support, desktop image template setup
  • Services: Need Microsoft expertise to help you migrate to the cloud? We have a network of service providers we work with that are familiar with dinCloud’s infrastructure, cloud services, and of course Microsoft products. Just ask us and you can also purchase those services through dinCloud.

Get Blazing Fast

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